Be Kind has a vision to grow and distribute the highest quality cannabis available in the marketplace. We have a passion for the plant which drives our pursuit to innovate and develop cannabis products. We have learned that process is essential in growing great cannabis. Through development of our proprietary processes, Be Kind has been able to deliver a unique farm to table cannabis experience.

Whether you enjoy cannabis for health, comfort or enjoyment, Be Kind is your partner in exploring the benefits of the highest quality cannabis. Our strains are personally selected and grown by our cannabis experts with over 50 years of combined industry experience which ensures that we produce the highest quality flower on the market. Our professionals diligently survey and test every strain, guaranteeing excellence and enjoyment.


Our nursery specialists hand picks and cuts only the finest clones from our mothers for planting. Great care and attention is taken to providing our clones the very best care on their journey


Growing cannabis requires skill, art, and love. Growing cannabis indoors takes that love to another level. Our plants are given the care and exacting environment to bring out their absolute best potential.


We start with a 10 day cold hang after harvest and pick out the finest buds to hand trim. Buds are then burped and aged for up to 30 days. This ensures the greatest terrapene and cannabinoid profile will be brought to the marketplace.


Only the very best buds are hand selected and trimmed for sale as flower. All of our remining buds are then turned into exceptional pre rolls, concentrates, and pure old world hashish.


Be Kind has a dedicated quality control process which is committed to only releasing the finest products, without exception. Be assured that we will provide you the very best cannabis that we have to offer.


Packaging is the final step in our process. We take great pride in developing packaging that is both safe and user friendly. Additionally, all packaging is done with one goal in mind… to deliver the best cannabis direct to the consumer.